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Dedication to the Holy FatherJohann Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750) has dedicated his Opus III in 1725 to Constantin of Butlar, prince abbot of Fulda. It is a collection of festive masses. Already in his first Opus he announced such a work in case his compositions are appreciated by music lovers: „Take it and when taken graciously you would long for provision of more precious and solemn pieces than these poor masses.“ He received a significant amount of money for that dedication by his patron called a "reference for music". There is also a Missa Sancti Benedictiin that compilation . This mass is intended for all feasts of the founder of the Benedictine order. It is surely a piece of luck that one single saint is honored by a mass composition. Moreover, this mass was perfectly appropriate for the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society to dedicate this mass to the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.  In the style of Rathgeber, the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society has placed first a latin dedication preface to emphasize its particular appreciation towards the Holy Father like it is said in the  translation: 

Presentation of the mass to the Holy Father, Photo Vatican„Take this, gracious Holy Father, take this MISSA SOLENNIS, which was offered to St. Benedict due to owed devotion of the heart and accomplished and released for the major praise and honor of the Almighty GOD, the BEATIFIED VIRGIN MARY and all saints, quasi a tribute of our devotion and obligation which we will present with purest heart to YOUR most venerable dignity while overwhelmed by the owed loyalty of our soul. What we bring to the public with this music melodies, will completely serve your HONOR and everthing will proclaim solemnly YOUR supreme, indeed immortal praise. Do not neglect what the most humble servants consecrate, dedicate and present as a whole to YOU indeed a patron as well as a pleasant favourer of the music.“

Dedication to the Holy FatherDuring the Ad-limina-Visit of the Bavarian bishops in Rome, the Auxiliary Bishop Helmut Bauer of Würzburg could present the "Benedict Mass" of Rathgeber to the Holy Father. Pope Benedict XVI. was especially delighted about the present of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society. He expressed his heartiest blessings to the persons responsible for the exhibition and wished  all Rathgeber devotees sacred benefits during the anniversary year of the 325th birthday of Rathgeber.  Apart from the 325th anniversary of the Oberelsbach-born composer, also the 80th birthday of the Holy Father will be celebrated. By the premiere of this mass in the Catholic pilgrimage church Oberelsbach on Easter Monday, April 9, 2007, within a pontifical service together with Auxiliary Bishop Helmut Bauer of Würzburg both birthdays are especially commemorated. The Chamber Choir of Würzburg with renowned soloists and orchestra under the direction of Matthias Beckert will perform this mass for the first time after a long break. The pontifical service starts at 10.15 am. Since this mass is played during the ordinary service, admission is free. However, donations are most welcome to finance this outstanding performance. In the afternoon, the  exhibition „Johann Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750). Life – Oeuvre – Significance" arranged by the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society in hard work will be solemnly opened. 

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