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The Valentin-Rathgeber-Society Oberelsbach will look at the famous late Baroque monastic composer Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750) from different angles in the I. International Symposium „Rathgeber in Context" in the  Elstal-Hall of Oberelsbach on June 3 starting at 1.30 pm. Contrary to the Symposium on the occasion of the 250. death day of Rathgeber in 2000, not only musicologists, but also specialists of neighbouring disciplines have been invited. These authorities could contribute to draw closer to the life and work of Rathgeber. Thus, it is possible to appreciate Rathgeber as part of the (cultural) history of the late Baroque. Rathgeber composed not in the vacuum but was dependent on many requirements and has answered the different needs of his audience. With this broad subject  in mind an interesting programme was compiled that assembles musicologists, music pedagogues, historians and theologians alike to approach the phenomenon Rathgeber with different perspectives.

After a short introduction in the topic of the Symposium by president Dr. Erasmus Gaß, Prof. Wolfgang Weiß (University of Würzburg) will describe „The Situation of the diocese of Würzburg at the time of Rathgeber". Rathgeber lived in the diocese of Würzburg for 25 years. Here he was born, went to school and university and worked as a teacher. The different developments especially in the educational policy of the prince bishops have surely influenced the young Rathgeber. Prof. Günter Dippold (University of Bamberg) will present the „Monastic life in Banz at the time of Rathgeber". Rathgeber belonged to the monastery of Banz for 43 years and experienced several abbots that sustainably influenced the life of the convent. The music situation in the convent might also have had an impact on the oeuvre of Rathgeber. After a short break,  Prof. Hermann Ullrich (Pedagogic College of Schwäbisch-Gmünd) will will report about „Monastic music and musical requirements in different orders", since these are the main coordinates for the music of Rathgeber who was deeply affected by the needs of the music market of his time. The paper of Prof. Charles Jurgensmeier SJ (Creighton College Omaha/USA) is also obliged to  a special  music practise, namely to the „Magnificat Compositions of Valentin Rathgeber OSB in the  Vesperae Rurales". By using the examples of the Magnificat Compositions he will present chracteristics of the new rural form developped by Rathgeber himself. This form could be performed by a limited apparatus, thus reacting on rural conditions. After a second break Bishop em. Prof. Paul-Werner Scheele (University of Würzburg) will talk about „Guidelines to the Spirituality of Valentin Rathgeber in his Arias ( Opus X)" Especially the theologian and monk Rathgeber is in the focus of his considerations. Although mainly popular as the author of the so called Tafelconfect of Augsburg, Rathgeber mainly composed sacred music. A division between the theological  sphere and musical expression can be excluded regarding Rathgeber  since he dedicated his works for the major praise of God and all saints. Afterwards Prof. Friedhelm Brusniak (University of Würzburg) will explain how „Music pedagogy and Rathgeber" could work. Especially the reception history of the Tafelconfect will be presented in different contexts. Again after a short break, Marcin Konik MA (University of Kraków/Poland) will describe „Polish Sources to Rathgeber", namely the way how the sacred vocal music of Rathgeber was performed in Polish monasteries. This contribution of reception history will close the symposium. All papers will be published soon in the new series „Musica Buchonica" so that the results could be used by other musicologists.


1. International Symposium

Rathgeber in context

June 3, 2007
Elstalhalle Oberelsbach
1:30-7 PM

13.30 h st

Dr. Erasmus Gaß, president of the Valentin Rathgeber Society Oberelsbach e.V.
Greeting and Introduction into the topic

14.00 h st

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Weiß, University of Würzburg:
„The situation of the Hochstift Würzburg at the time of Rathgeber"

Prof. Dr. Günter Dippold, University of Bamberg:
„Live in abbey Banz at the time of Zeit Rathgebers"


15.30 h st

Prof. Dr. Hermann Ullrich, Pedagogic University of Schwäbisch-Gmünd:
„Music in abbey and musical needs of individual orders"

Prof. Dr. Charles Jurgensmeier SJ, Creighton College Omaha-Nebraska/USA
„the magnificat setting of Valentin Rathgeber OSB in the Vesperae Rurales - A critical appraisal"


17.00 h st

Prof. Dr. Paul-Werner Scheele, University of Würzburg
„Indications about the spirituality of Valentin Rathgeber in his arias ( Opus X)"

Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Brusniak, University of Würzburg:
"Educations in musik and Rathgeber"


18.30 h st

Marcin Konik MA, University of Kraków/Poland
„Polnic sources about Rathgeber"

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