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CD Rosenkranzkönigin with works of Valentin RathgeberTogether with the training college for music Bad Königshofen i.Gr. the Valentin Rathgeber-Society released a new CD "Queen of the Rosary" with Marian works of Rathgeber and especially those compositions for the feast of the rosary.  This recording celebrates the 325. anniversary of Rathgeber, the composer from the Rhön, as well as the 25. anniversary of the training college for music. Due to the excellent soloists, the instrumental and  vocal ensemble of the college it was possible to record a first performance of these compositions not attainable so far.  All interested in this exceptional CD could buy this CD for 15,- € from the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society Oberelsbach, Stockgasse 20, 97656 Oberelsbach, phone 09774/413.  The proceeds support the honorary engagement of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society dedicated to the musical heritage of our homeland.

A meditative repeating prayer  with a cord is popular in many religions. Within Christianity the rosary as a Marian prayer was developed based on  the "Pater-Noster-Cord". The veneration of the rosary came up in 1475 when the Dominicans in Cologne declared Mary as the Queen of the Rosary since Mary has taught this prayer to St. Dominicus and gave him his first rosary.  Since the 15th century, Rosary congregations have been constantly seeking to propagate the rosary in the whole of Europe.

Rosary congregations also prayed for the intercession of Mary on the day of the sea battle of Lepanto on October 7, 1571. The smashing victory of Christianity against the imminent danger of Islam was subsequently attributed to the intercession of the mother of God. Pope Pius V.  declared a feast for Mary on this very anniversary. Pope Gregory XIII, his successor, rescheduled  the "Feast of the Holy Rosary" to the first Sunday in October.  This feast should be celebrated in all churches with a Rosary altar. In 1716, this feast was extended to all churches after the victory against the Turks near Peterwardein (Hungary). Only Pope Pius X. relocated the feast  to October 7, the anniversary of the sea battle of Lepanto, in 1913.  The Feast of the Rosary  considers the rosary as a special intercession to Mary  for help and shelter.  Based on this feast, Pope Leo XIII  introduced october as the "Month of the Rosary", inviting all believers to assemble daily for the rosary what is still common in many places.

The monastic composer Valentin Rathgeber  worshipped Mary, mother of God, by numerous and pleasing compositions.  Rathgebers seems to hold the rosary in high esteem since he composed an offertory and a mass for the Feast of the Rosary.  It's no wonder that he did so since there was a Rosary congregation in the monastery of Banz as well as a Rosary altar.

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