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The Church choir of Muri/Aargau during serviceThe church choir of Muri/Aargau under the direction of Johannes Strobl  came to Oberelsbach on sunday, September 16, 2007, to perform the newly discovered "Mass of Muri" of Rathgeber in the Catholic pilgrimage church of Oberelsbach, the birthplace of the composer. Parish priest Andreas Bosl celebrated mass and preached.  For that performance the church choir of Muri was strengthened by soloists and instrumentalists from the Rhoen. Edith Eyring, Soprano, Sonja Rahm, Alto, Mathias Hüttner, Tenor und Paul Back, Bass have been the vocalists. Members of the Thuringian-Bavarian chamber orchestra played the music. This limited lineup gives a good insight in the sound volume of the 18th century which is known for its economical lineup of instrumentalists and vocalists. Rathgeber wrote his music especially for small ensembles, not for big orchestras and massive choirs.

The Church choir of Muri/Aargau during serviceThe Swiss church choir spends its yearly holiday this time in Oberelsbach, to become acquainted to the home of the composer who had dedicated a mass to their place. Of course, Rathgeber has not dedicated this mass to Muri, but to Gerold Haimb, prince abbot of Muri. Only in the later manuscript of Seedorf is this mass labelled "Mass of Muri" so that later tradition has assigned this mass to the Swiss place Muri. It is an aThe musicians during serviceuspicious occasion that this contact to the church choir of Muri could have been established. Nowadays one also takes notice of this famous composerin Switzerland . A future cooperation is planned.  The touring exhibition will  be presented in Muri to the public, as Johannes Strobl , the conductor, has assured.

The Valentin-Rathgeber-Society has edited the music sheets so that the "Mass of Muri " could be performed in the famous abbey of Muri with the historic organs of the time of Rathgeber already on Martini 2006. A delegation of Oberelsbach came to Muri for that occasion.  By now, an excellent  CD recording of  this mass by the Cappella Murensis and ensemble arcimboldo is available, released by Audite. This recording could also be obtained in limited number from the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society.

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