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Agatha Church in AschaffenburgOn August 31, 2008 Rathgeber was interpreted in a modern way in the context of the "Klangräume" organized by the Martinushaus. True to the motto "The right Rathgeber to Swing" the famous Jazz trumpeter Klaus Wangorsch and Erasmus Gass jazzed up various pieces of the so-called "Augsburger Tafelconfect". Famous melodies like "Der hat vergeben" or "Mein Stimme klinge" provide the basis for the Jazz improvisations that range from Jazz Waltz via Medium Swing and Blues to Latin Jazz.

Press Commentary:
"Thus the trumpeter Klaus Wangorsch and the organist Erasmus Gass delighted the roughly 200 auditors with 'Jazzing Baroque'. They let swing and groove the optimistic as well as melancholic melodies of the monastic composer Johann Valentin Rathgeber who died more than 250 years ago. Michael Pfeifer, educational referent at the Martinushaus, read the underlying texts which invited to make merry, for: 'still we are young'." (Main-Echo September 2, 2008)

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