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The Augustinian Hermit Fr. Coelestin Will was born in Wuelfershausen on February 26th, 1690 as Johann Georg Will to the blacksmith Petrus Will and his wife Margarete, a daughter of the Ludirector Peter Balling of Eichenhausen.  On July 2nd, 1710 he professed to the Augustinian monastery of Muennerstadt. Afterwards he studied philosophy in Wuerzburg and since the year 1712 theology in Constance where he also acted as an organist. On March 17th, 1714 he was ordained and was confessor and organist in Constance at first, but moved soon to the Augustinian monastery of Wuerzburg fulfilling the same duties. Will died in Wuerzburg on August 14th, 1741 at 8pm on fever.  He was considered as  „Perfectus Organista et Componista“  or  „Organista celeberrimus“ among his confrères.

Catalogue of Works:

2 Masses

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