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Smoking Room in the First German Tobacco MuseumSince October 1996, the First German Tobacco Museum is accommodated in the "Old Schoolhouse" located on a hill next to the parish church and in the middle of the commune of Oberelsbach.

This grand building, visible from everywhere, was erected about 1611 under the aegis of Prince Bishop Julius Echter of Mespelbrunn (reigned 1573-1617) instead of a ruinous predecessor. The "Old Schoolhouse" was renovated and converted to an exhibition building in 1994-1996. This museum surveys the history of smoking in Germany from the 17th century until today.

A Smoker in the First German Tobacco MuseumHistorical tobacco pipes manufactured by German producers and objects of the smoking culture of the 17th-20th century are displayed in nine rooms distributed on two floors.

Upstairs is another room dedicated to the heritage of Valentin Rathgeber, the most famous son of the commune of Oberelsbach.

You could find more information on the First German Tobacco Museum here:  http://www.tabakpfeifenmuseum.de/



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Rathgeber Room
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