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On the occasion of the 320. birthday of Valentin Rathgeber have been appointed as honorary members on April 5 2002 due to their manifold benefits regarding Valentin Rathgeber

Prof. Dr. Franz Krautwurst (2nd from left) Honorary Members of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society e.V. 2002
Prof. Franz Krautwurst has published not only the pioneering article in MGG, but up to now various articles on Rathgeber that have enriched our knowledge about Rathgeber's life to a great extent.

OStr Erhard Nowak (1st from left)
Erhard Nowak wrote the first commonly understandable biography on Rathgeber on behalf of the tricentenary of Rathgeber's birthday. In numerous articles he emphasized the importance of this Baroque petite master.

Prof. Gottfried Rehm
(2nd from right)
Prof. Gottfried Rehm is mainly responsible for the Rathgeber Renaissance at Oberelsbach, Rathgeber's birthplace. Already in 1961 sacred and secular works have been performed under his directorship in Oberelsbach. In 1964 the local choir was renamed in Valentin-Rathgeber-Choir due to his initiative. Numerous articles of Prof. Rehm in the local press helped the public to get to know Valentin Rathgeber and to deal with his music. 


Appointment of Prof. Dr. Wilfried Dotzauer as honorary member 2005On June 3, 2005 Prof. Dr. Wilfried Dotzauer was appointed as honorary member on the occasion of the 255th death-day of Rathgeber:

Prof. Dotzauer wrote a dissertation thesis on "The sacred music of Valentin Rathgeber". He analyzed all sacred works of Rathgeber regarding their form and referred to many similarities and pecularities of his style. Thus, he could emphasize especially the importance of Rathgeber for the history of liturgy, genre, form, style, music and region. Apart from his dissertation thesis, Prof. Dotzauer has edited various works of Rathgeber and has repeatedly commented on Rathgeber. Linie
Berthold Gass, President of the International Valentin-Rathgeber-Society e.V. presents Prof. Dr. Charles Jurgensmeier SJ with the certificateOn June 5, 2010 Prof. Dr. Charles Jurgensmeier SJ from Chicago/Illinois was appointed as honorary member on the occasion of the 2nd International Rathgeber-Symposium "At the beginning of the classical era" and the 260th death-day of Rathgeber.

Prof. Jurgensmeier is the most prominent authority on Rathgeber in the United States of America and performs many compositions of Rathgeber in his homeland. Prof. Jurgensmeier is also responsible for the increasing popularity of Valentin Rathgeber in the US. This year it was his tenth visit to Oberelsbach for academic studies. All the times he used the large archive of the International Valentin-Rathgeber-Society e.V.


Handing over of the honorary certificate by the president of the Int. Valentin-Rathgeber-Society e.V. Berthold Gaß (middle) to the honored Stefan Gaß with laudator Regina RinkeOn November 5th, 2017, the Vice President of the International Valentin-Rathgeber Society, Stefan Gaß, became an honorary member. The honor was given during the concert "Mein Stimme klinge" on the occasion of the 335th birthday of the Oberelsbacher Baroque and monastery composer P. Valentin Rathgeber OSB (1682-1750). The laudation was addressed by the chairman of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Foundation Regina Rinke.

Stefan Gaß can be described as the motor of the Association of Friends of the Baroque composer Johann Valentin Rathgeber. He works with heart and mind like no other. He is responsible for the shipping of the scores and until a few years ago he took care of the transport and the organization of the touring exhibition on Valentin Rathgeber as an "entertainer". Stefan Gaß is also a member of the Executive committee of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Foundation.

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