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Offertory "Laudem Virum gloriosum"
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Offertory "Laudem Virum gloriosum"

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Catalogue number: Opus XIV,18
Year of Composition: 1734
Parts: Soli SA, SATB, 2 Vl, Org, Vc, Ty [2 Trp/ Hrn]
Key: C
Duration: 8'

The actual offertory is a festive composition of several movements. It contains a soprano and a alto aria. 2 Trumpets or Horns could be used accessorily. The offertory laudem Virum Gloriosum is recommended for the feast of Saint Benedict. 

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Full Score Gaß 6.00 €

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Vocal Score Gaß 1.60 €

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Violin I Gaß 1.00 €

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Violin II Gaß 1.00 €

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Organ Gaß 2.00 €

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Violoncello Gaß 1.00 €

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Timpani Gaß 0.50 €

Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Trumpet or Horn I Gaß 0.50 €


Offertory "Laudem Virum" - Trumpet or Horn II Gaß 0.50 €


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