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School classes of Unnerdorf visited the touring exhibition in the city museum in Bad Staffelstein

Guided tour for children  on October 16, 2009 for the school classes (4th grade) of UnnersdorfGuided tour for children  on October 16, 2009 for the school classes (4th grade) of Unnersdorf

"Valentin Rathgeber" was swingingly written on the facade in the schoolhouse in Unnersdorf. This was the motivation for both school classes (4th grade ) to visit the identically named touring exhibition in the city museum in Bad Staffelstein. At the entrance a life-sized figure with a cowl greeted the visitors as the componist was a Benedictine monk in abbey Banz. Additionally, a scalled model of his birthplace in Oberelsbach drew the students' attention. "This house has a lot of windows as it was a school building", said the leader of the museum, Adelheid Waschka, to the children. She introduced them into the lifetime of the  musician, "and at the time of construction, they exercised carefully to facilitate plenty of light in the crassrooms".  Due to their numerousness of students, the children of Unnersdorf were divided into different groups. One part practiced with museum co-worker Annette Krusenbaum after a "Body Percussion"-warm up some of the songs of Rathgeber Guided tour for children  on October 16, 2009 for the school classes (4th grade) of Unnersdorf"Von der edlen Musik“ and „Alleweil ein wenig lustig“. Afterwards, they painted the birthplace or the figure of Valentin.

The others were introduced to the time of baroque by the leader of the museum and her co-worker Chrtine Liebl. In addition to a short overview of Rathgeber's life and history, the students got a questionnaire and had to handle with various tasks, in which they had to deal with newest technique:  For example, how can you use an audioguide? The particular of this touring exhibition is, that music examples can also be practiced to the appropriate texts. The childred were very enthusiasticly minded and left sincere words of thanks in the guest book. 

 If you are interested in a guided tour for children, you can contact the museum (tel. 09573-331030). The exhibition can be visited till 29th November at the opening hours or by arrangement. 


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Honor bestowed on Prof. Dr. Franz Krautwurst

Auxiliary Bishop Helmut Bauer congratulates the jubilarianOn October 11, 2008 the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society bestowed honor on its honorary member Prof. Dr. Franz Krautwurst in regard of his 85th birthday in the Valentin-Rathgeber-House as a lifetime achievement award. Krautwurst is widely considered to be the leading expert in regional music history. In numerous contributions he cared about life and work of Valentin Rathgeber. He wrote many pioneering articles that have influenced the research on Rathgeber's life to a great deal. Down to the present day he comments to the topic Valentin Rathgeber in a profound way demonstrated by his recent article on „Valentin Rathgeber in St. Gallen (1731)". The Rathgeber research owes many new and interesting stimuli to the indefatigable diligence of the jubilarian. One has to be curious on the unknown sources he will reveal in the future.

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"Praise to the Lord all Nations" - Baroque Vesper on October 11 th, 2008

Musicians of the vesper serviceOn October 11, 2008 the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society Oberelsbach e.V. celebrated a festive Baroque Vesper in the Catholic Pilgrimage Church St. Kilian in Oberelsbach. The Vespera solemnis Opus II/2 of Valentin Rathgeber took centre stage. The rather diversified vesper service lasted about 80 minutes. Not due to traditionalistic reasons was a vesper celebrated like before Vatican II but to place the sacred music of Rathgeber in a liturgical context for which it is written. In that context this music has a certain effect.  Thus, a performance within a concert was deliberately not intended.  Reverend Andreas Bosl of Oberelsbach was readily prepared to take part in this project. 

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New Rosary-CD released

CD Rosenkranzkönigin with works of Valentin RathgeberTogether with the training college for music Bad Königshofen i.Gr. the Valentin Rathgeber-Society released a new CD "Queen of the Rosary" with Marian works of Rathgeber and especially those compositions for the feast of the rosary.  This recording celebrates the 325. anniversary of Rathgeber, the composer from the Rhön, as well as the 25. anniversary of the training college for music. Due to the excellent soloists, the instrumental and  vocal ensemble of the college it was possible to record a first performance of these compositions not attainable so far.  All interested in this exceptional CD could buy this CD for 15,- € from the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society Oberelsbach, Stockgasse 20, 97656 Oberelsbach, phone 09774/413.  The proceeds support the honorary engagement of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society dedicated to the musical heritage of our homeland.

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First performance of Rathgeber's Mass of Muri in Oberelsbach

The Church choir of Muri/Aargau during serviceThe church choir of Muri/Aargau under the direction of Johannes Strobl  came to Oberelsbach on sunday, September 16, 2007, to perform the newly discovered "Mass of Muri" of Rathgeber in the Catholic pilgrimage church of Oberelsbach, the birthplace of the composer. Parish priest Andreas Bosl celebrated mass and preached.  For that performance the church choir of Muri was strengthened by soloists and instrumentalists from the Rhoen. Edith Eyring, Soprano, Sonja Rahm, Alto, Mathias Hüttner, Tenor und Paul Back, Bass have been the vocalists. Members of the Thuringian-Bavarian chamber orchestra played the music. This limited lineup gives a good insight in the sound volume of the 18th century which is known for its economical lineup of instrumentalists and vocalists. Rathgeber wrote his music especially for small ensembles, not for big orchestras and massive choirs.

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Choir concert of the Young Chantry Bad Neustadt

Young Chantry St. John Bad Neustadt a.d.SaaleOn the occasion of the 325. Anniversary of Johann Valentin Rathgeber, there will be a choir concert of the Young Chantry St. John Bad Neustadt on Sunday, July 1, 2007, with compositions byJohann Valentin Rathgeber, F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, H.L. Hassler, C. Saint-Saens, A. Caplet, J. Haydn, W. Menschick and others.

Performers: Katharina Griebel, Susanne Handwerker (Soprano), Anja Seifert (Alto), Stefan Koch (Tenor), Markus Geiger (Bass), Christian Volk, Eddi Arnold (Trumpet), Reinhard Wilimsky, Carola Kroczek (1st Violine), Rosemarie Beer-Schmitt, Erika Fischediek (2nd Violine), Galina Redmann (Cello), Berthold Gaß (Organ), A- and chamber choir of the Young Chantry of St. John Bad Neustadt. Conductor: Martha Bergner.

Admission is free. Donations are welcome.

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I. International Symposium "Rathgeber in Context"

Participants of the I. International Rathgeber SymposiumThe topic of the symposium „Rathgeber in Context" held on June 3, 2007,  seems to be strange at first sight because it is not said, what this context sould be. However, this subject considers the factor that music does not arise in a vacuum. In the following contexts the  composer Rathgeber could be placed: history, theology, pedagogy, and last not least musicology. 

The composer Rathgeber is a part of the cultural history of the late Baroque and cannot be understood without this "context". Rathgeber is not only a part of the cultural history, especially music history, but also a part of history in the main. The political struggles and wars have infected Rathgeber as well. Prof. Wolfgang Weiß from Würzburg described the overall situation in the diocese of Würzburg especially Rathgeber's connection to his home country and his place of studying, whereas Prof. Günter Dippold from Bamberg pointed at the situation of the Benedictine monastery of Banz particularly the difficult relationship to the dioceses of Bamberg and Würzburg what was apparent at the abbot's elections all the time. 

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