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Memorial service on June 3, 2007

Memorial service in the Catholic pilgrimage church St. Kilian in Oberelsbach St. Kilian in OberelsbachOn the occassion of the 257. death day of Johann Valentin Rathgeber Bishop em. Paul-Werner Scheele celebrated a memorial service in the Catholic pilgrimage church St. Kilian in Oberelsbach.  The chamber choir of the Young Chantry "St. John" from Bad Neustadt under the direction of Martha Bergner contributed the music with orchestra and soloists.  They presented inter alia Mass V of Rathgeber's Opus XII part I as a very first performance in Oberelsbach. Bishop Paul-Werner Scheel emphasized especially Rathgeber's joy and veneration for the triune God in his sermon to the feast of the Holy Trinity.

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I. International Parish Court Serenade

Parish Court Serenade on June 2, 2007On June 2, 2007, the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society staged the „I. International Parish Court Serenade" in the parish court Oberelsbach attracting many music lovers from near and far. The following played the music: Sonja Rahm (Soprano), Charles Jurgensmeier (Tenor), Jürgen Weyer (Trumpet) as well as Berthold and Erasmus Gaß (Organ). Prof. Charles Jurgensmeier from Omaha/USA, who also read a paper at the I. International Rathgeber-Symposium on June 3, 2007 gave his special guest appearance here in Oberelsbach. Prof. Jurgensmeier took part in many opera productions in the US and is currently professor for choir music and music history at Creighton University in Omaha/Nebraska. Prof. Jurgensmeier came to Oberelsbach several times before to study the Magnificat compositions by Rathgeber. He is the most prominent authority on Rathgeber in the US and performs many compositions of Rathgeber in his homeland.

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Mother's Day service May 13, 2007

Solists, choir and instrumentalists of the Training College for Music Bad KönigshofenWith the first performance of the Rosary Mass of Rathgeber's Opus VII in the Catholic pilgrimage church St. Kilian Oberelsbach on May 13 by the vocal and instrumental ensemble of the Training College for Music Bad Königshofen i.Gr. under the direction of Wolfram Bieber, the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society Oberelsbach took the veneration of Mary in the month May especially in account. Mary is also highly regarded by Rathgeber in numerous compositions. By the cooperation with the Training College for Music another hidden treasure of sacred music could be recovered  This Marian Mass is in a way special since Rathgeber treads another unusual harmonic way not typical for him. Moreover he used polytexture (the text is attributed to different voices at the same time) to set concisely  the text of the Ordinarium to music so that it won't be boring for the musicians and the audience alike.

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Exhibition catalogue to the touring exhibition

Exhibition catalogue to the touring exhibition Numerous data to life and oeuvre of Rathgeber can be found in the exhibition catalogue. Everything is indebted to the latest research regarding all extent sources: Characterization of Rathgeber's time, Rathgeber in Oberelsbach, Würzburg and the monastery of Banz, Rathgeber's public relations tour and his contacts to many sponsors, Rathgeber's music and last not least information to the reception history. A voluminous bibliography, a comprehensive discography and a survey of new editions round off the catalogue. The exhibition catalogue has 252 pages with many illustrations.

The exhibition catalogue is available in our  Online-Shop.

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Touring exhibition opened with celebratory lecture on April 9, 2007

Opening of Touring Exhibition, Photo: FriedrichOn April 9, 2007, the touring exhibition "Johann Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750). Life - Oeuvre - Relevance" was opened  with a ceremonial act  which went down well with the public.

Dr. Erasmus Gaß, the president of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society, refered to the newly found sources to Rathgeber in his celebratory lecture. He gave interesting insights into the childhood and adolescence of Rathgeber in Oberelsbach and Würzburg as well as into the monastic life of Rathgeber. His absence out of the convent for nine years - usually described an "unallowed journey" - was secretly granted by the abbot  because he could not allow this publicly. Otherwise he would have disturbed the monastic discipline. Thus, his abbot gave him a paper of release that he could show during his journey.

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First performance of Missa S.P. Benedicti on April 9, 2007

The the Chamber Choir Würzburg under the direction of Matthias Beckert during serviceOn Easter Monday, April 9, Missa Sancti Patris Benedicti from Opus III/1, dedicated to the Holy Father, was firstly performed by the Chamber Choir Würzburg under the direction of Matthias Beckert within a pontifical service with Auxiliary Bishop Helmut Bauer. At this service the Catholic pilgrimage church St. Kilian Oberelsbach was crowded by guests from near and far.

Auxiliary Bishop Helmut Bauer had the "cheerful duty" to convey heartiest compliments and greetings of the Holy Father to the congregation.  On the occasion of the ad limina visit of the Bavarian bishops, he could present the Benedict Mass of Rathgeber to the Holy Father.

In his celebratory sermon, he especially appreciates Rathgeber's accomplisments as person, musician and monk. He also encouraged the congregation to live according Rathgeber's motto:  "to praise God in singing and music".

Further Information could be get here.

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Recital "Schall und Rauch" on August 19th, 2006

„Rauchtabak ist mein Vergnügen"
Sound and Smoke in the cellar of the Valentin-Rathgeber-House

Artists of the concert Schall und RauchSound and Smoke belong together for a long time. Both are a permanent feature of western cultural history. With the recital "Schall und Rauch" of the Valentin-Rathgeber-Society Oberelsbach these coordinates of sociable meeting will be featured. The cellar of the First German Tobacco Museum, birth house of the important Frankonian composer Johann Valentin Rathgeber (1682-1750) is the best suited place to combine Sound and Smoke here. Mainly compositions of the Frankonian homeland have been selected. All of them originated in the 18th century.

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